SafeHouse VIO Club

VIO Club

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Welcome to Chicago's hottest club..the SafeHouse VIO club. Receive exclusive offers, from free drinks for our adult spies, to free goodie bags for all guests at your junior spy's birthday party. This club is available to guests of all ages for a fun and unique Chicago birthday party like you've never experienced.

Sign you or your junior spies up today - just by signing up to be VIO member, you earn 20% off your bill!


Other Perks:

  • Access to skip the line to get in
  • Waived room rental fee for private parties
  • $14.95 Lunch special every weekday
  • Access top secret menu items
  • Discount on Hail to the Chief & Her Majesty's secret service
  • Show the WHITE SIDE of your VIO card so you and your group can bypass the clearance test
  • Show the RED SIDE of your VIO card so ONLY YOU can bypass the clearance test (make your friends pass the test!)


Birthday perks

Junior Spy Intel


  • Free F.B. Dessert
  • Free goodie bags provided to the whole party
  • Free Dessert Coupon
Adult Birthday Club


  • Complimentary birthday cocktail during your birthday month
  • Free drink on your half birthday
  • Complimentary FB dessert the week of your birthday


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