SafeHouse VIO Program


Safehouse VIO Program -

The Very Important Operative® program at the SafeHouse is for our most loyal agents. Just by signing up to be VIO member, you earn a FREE Lunch. Other rewards for our VIO members include:

  • Access to skip the line to get in
  • Waived room rental fee for private parties
  • Complimentary birthday cocktail during your birthday month
  • $14.95 Lunch special every weekday
  • Access top secret menu items
  • Discount on Hail to the Chief & Her Majesty's secret service
  • Show the WHITE SIDE of your VIO card so you and your group can bypass the clearance test
  • Show the RED SIDE of your VIO card so ONLY YOU can bypass the clearance test (make your friends pass the test!)

Thank you, Agent!

Thank you for signing up for the SafeHouse VIO Program. Be on the lookout shortly for an email with your free lunch entrée coupon.

Provide Your Bona Fides:

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Your free lunch coupon will be delivered through email. Upon redemption at the SafeHouse, you will receive your physical VIO Card.