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Neither spy nor informant, and yet a magician is still full of secrets. While we're not at liberty to discuss the method in which the mystery is performed, you're welcome to take part in the wonder and fascination every day at the SafeHouse! Our talented Chicago magicians are here to entertain and amaze you while you enjoy your meal at the #1 themed restaurant in Chicago.

Guests who purchase a dining package will receive entrance to the Magic Lounge.  

TUESDAY: 5PM - 10PM (Family Friendly)
FRIDAY: 8PM - Midnight (Adult Oriented)
SATURDAY: 12PM - 5PM (Family Friendly)
SUNDAY: 12PM - 5PM (Family Friendly)

The SafeHouse becomes an adult only rated "R" party after 9PM. Should your kids still be in the restaurant at this time, they will need to be monitored and kept away from the dance floor, where our top secret interrogations and other adult spy activities are held.


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While we live a life of secrecy, there's one thing we want the world to know - our burgers and staff are simply the best!

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