Kids In Interactive Tunnel In SafeHouse Restaurant

Every Day at the SafeHouse

Sat Jul 13, 2019

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Every day at the SafeHouse you can purchase a dining package and experience everything we have to offer at our unique Chicago restaurant.

  • Clearance test: A fun engaging entrance for spies who don’t know the password
  • ​Chicago Magicians: This is more than just your average dining experience! Seek out our magicians to learn the tricks of the trade
  • Agent Name Badges: Every good spy needs an alias
  • Reconnaissance Mission: A spy themed scavenger hunt around the restaurant. Can you find all of our secrets?
  • Alibi Photo Booth: Take memorable photos at Chicago’s #1 Spy themed restaurant!
  • Table Puzzles: Keep your mind and hands busy at all times!
  • Secret Exit: No good spy leaves the same way they entered. Can you make it through our laser maze without setting off the alarm?

The SafeHouse becomes an adult only rated "R" party after 9PM. Should your kids still be in the restaurant at this time, they will need to be monitored and kept away from the dance floor, where our top secret interrogations and other adult spy activities are held. 

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