Kids In Interactive Tunnel In SafeHouse Restaurant

Every Day at the SafeHouse

Fri Mar 15, 2019

Every day at the SafeHouse you can purchase a dining package and experience everything we have to offer at our unique Chicago restaurant.

  • Clearance test: A fun engaging entrance for spies who don’t know the password
  • ​Chicago Magicians: This is more than just your average dining experience! Seek out our magicians to learn the tricks of the trade
  • Agent Name Badges: Every good spy needs an alias
  • Reconnaissance Mission: A spy themed scavenger hunt around the restaurant. Can you find all of our secrets?
  • Alibi Photo Booth: Take memorable photos at Chicago’s #1 Spy themed restaurant!
  • Table Puzzles: Keep your mind and hands busy at all times!
  • Secret Exit: No good spy leaves the same way they entered. Can you make it through our laser maze without setting off the alarm?


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