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Safehouse: A History Declassified

Founded in 1966 by Station Chief Agent OH-OH-7 (aka David J. Baldwin) in Milwaukee upon orders from Control, The SafeHouse has become a local landmark and cultural icon, attracting hungry spies from around the world. Control is excited to expand operations to a covert location in Chicago where he can continue to challenge spies with an all-encompassing experience as they embark on a one-of-a-kind mission. From the minute you locate the top-secret entrance and pass the clearance test, to the sleek Gadget Bar, every aspect of the design has been tinkered, tailored and soldiered. Interactive elements, "futuristic" technology, and games combined with an un paralleled menu fit for a true spy, The SafeHouse Chicago continues to provide an authentic espionage experience for agents of all ages.

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In every sector of SafeHouse, authentic espionage artifacts mingle with pop culture references and spy paraphernalia. Celebrity spies in disguise often sneak into this watering hole and leave their mark without being traceable. One guest evaded the FBI (without authorization from Control, of course) by using the escape route. There are numerous other SafeHouse secrets and artifacts scattered throughout that can only be experienced first hand. The spy sanctuary has something different to offer each visiting agent, as no two visits are the same. Just remember, a good spy never leaves the same way he/she came in. Only your souvenir will prove you were ever here! Read, memorize, chew and swallow this message.


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