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Cheese Curds and Nachos


Our cunning culinary operatives have conspired to use local and fresh ingredients to accomplish their daily mission of satisfying starving spies. On strict orders from Control, everything from hand-pattied burgers to freshly breaded cheese curds [made with real Wisconsin white cheddar] are made to order. Our mission is this: Simple and delicious food.

Black and White Male Spy


On orders from Control, Station Chief OH-OH-7 opened the original Milwaukee SafeHouse in 1966. His vision was to provide a safe refuge for spies everywhere. He located his SafeHouse in an alleyway marked with a nondescript sign as International Exports, Ltd. Agents have spread the word about its tasty spy-food and crafty cocktails and now, 50 years later, the SafeHouse has extended its operations to Chicago.

Green Tech Screen


Your Intel is correct… visiting Agents must be sly to locate the SafeHouse- and stealthy to gain entrance.  The correct password will get you in; otherwise, pass a [fun] clearance test with our Ms. M. to prove yourself a friendly agent and earn entry into the SafeHouse. Once you know it, NEVER reveal the password to anyone! - See Inside the Spy Bar Where You Need a Secret Password to Enter

Here’s the perfect place to get your martini shaken, not stirred. Safehouse Chicago, the second location to Milwaukee’s iconic 50-year-old bar and restaurant is dedicated to everything spy-related such as classics like James Bond and Get Smart. However, there is one unique catch: the entrance for the restaurant is slightly hidden, marked only by a small plaque next to a nondescript red door.

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Safehouse secret location

Operatives only

Unlock the intel by hovering over the map below to find the hidden location.

Screenshot of the Safe House's secret location on Google Maps

SafeHouse Testimonials

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In the restaurant-well I can't even describe it, there was so much!  There was a fun magician, a sort of spy scavenger hunt, hidden doors, and no expense spared in the decor.  You may think this is only for kids, but all the adults had just as much fun!

Service was great.  Our server was really into the theme and gave us plenty of time to explore.
Drinks had fun spy names and were fantastic.  Solid brands to choose from.

We all had various burgers.  They were big, juicy and unique.  I had the Brie burger and it was amazing.  Overall it was a wonderful experience!  PS I rarely write reviews!
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What an absolute blast. 
We were just walking around, and decided to stop because this place had such great reviews. 
The four of us really enjoyed our double agent interview and died laughing once we were admitted into the restaurant. This spy themed place was start to finish an adventure. Our waitress never missed a beat and the food was delicious. Each of us had a different burger and they were juicy and full of flavor. We enjoyed scoping out the place and searching for the clues. Even as we left we were full of laughter trying not to trip the lasers. 

Great time for family or friends and the food was just as good.
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This place was so much fun! We walked into the red door and found a little office with a sassy lady at a desk who greeted us, asking "What are you looking for?" which of course led to a fun series of events that I will not disclose (I'm a spy, after all). Just go with a good attitude and a good sense of humor and you'll love it.
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Over all restaurant is decorated with Halloween themed but I'd imagine it's changed thru the year. There is a fun photo booth which allows you to take selfies around the world, super fun!!  I went to Tokyo and Moscow on the same night! How cool! 


Must checkout if your looking for fun lively place for good times!!!
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I will definitely be back with friends, family, and coworkers and I definitely recommend that you give it a shot soon, too!
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My roommate and I absolutely LOVED The food here. The second we walked in, we thought we had walked into someone's personal office by accident. The service was great, and our server was very attentive. I forgot his name. I got the Colombian Salad which was DELICIOUS! And my roommate got the Blackbird chicken sandwich, which she also loved!
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This is a very cool, very fun bar. When traveling to a major city, this is the kind of place you look forward to visiting. 
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Really fun concept restaurant with good food and booze!  Had the salmon which was actually perfectly cooked with a very good Korean glaze.  The staff seems to genuinely enjoy working here and playing spy!
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Very fun place to hang out and have a few drinks.  The cheese curds are very very good and the staff is awesome!
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You have to experience this place. The most fun I've had at a pub/restaurant. I've also been to the original in Milwaukee which is amazing. It's not just an awesome theme the food and drinks are great too.
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What a fun night! Agent smooth made our visit perfect. She was very patient with us outside even though we asked her a million questions! The food was great, the drinks were creative and the atmosphere was unlike anything else in Chicago. Great for families by day and anyone who ever wanted to be a secret agent and enjoys dancing by night.
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A must do in Chicago. The burgers are great, but the concept is incredible. A memorable experience for sure.
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A fun spy themed place to grab a drink, makes all your Boris and Natasha dreams come true.
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This was a really fun experience and we were lucky to have Spy Master Candy guide us through the whole thing. She was so cute and kept the game going the whole time. The food was very good and it's a very fun atmosphere and just something different from the norm. Great job Candy! We'll be back.
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Agent Draggger is the best bartender in Chicago. He deserves praise and a raise. Our food was great, but his drinks were better. Friendly service. Great bar staff. def will be back.
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We were there during there late night menu and the burgers we order were delicious! The music at that time was awesome and a good mix of old and new. Would highly recommend it!
Agent apparel available for purchase on location.
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