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Dear Agents,
SafeHouse has completed its last mission in Chicago.
We want to thank all of the spies who visited our Windy City headquarters and for your loyalty and support. It has been an absolute pleasure to welcome and serve spies from around the globe.
We regret to inform you that we have closed our doors today, March 6th, 2023. Please note, all guests with upcoming reservations will be notified of the closure and their reservation will be canceled.
We wish you continued safety out in the field. If you are looking to seek refuge or ready to take on your next mission, we invite you to visit our original SafeHouse location, hidden somewhere in downtown Milwaukee.
Stay "safe" and see you soon, agents!

Safehouse Milwaukee

SafeHouse Milwaukee

SafeHouse is an iconic hidden restaurant & bar located somewhere in downtown Milwaukee. Providing safety to spies since 1966, SafeHouse offers refuge to all spies national and international. Find the Red Door to enter a world of espionage where authentic spy artifacts, gadgets, movie props, and historical references fill every sector. SafeHouse is home to award-winning cheese curds, a disappearing booth, and a secret exit. See you soon, agents!


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