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Cheese Curds and Nachos


Our cunning culinary operatives have conspired to use local and fresh ingredients to accomplish their daily mission of satisfying starving spies. On strict orders from Control, everything from hand-pattied burgers to freshly breaded cheese curds [made with real Wisconsin white cheddar] are made to order. Our mission is this: Simple and delicious food.

Black and White Male Spy


On orders from Control, Station Chief OH-OH-7 opened the original Milwaukee SafeHouse in 1966. His vision was to provide a safe refuge for spies everywhere. He located his SafeHouse in an alleyway marked with a nondescript sign as International Exports, Ltd. Agents have spread the word about its tasty spy-food and crafty cocktails and now, 50 years later, the SafeHouse has extended its operations to Chicago.

Green Tech Screen


Your Intel is correct… visiting Agents must be sly to locate the SafeHouse- and stealthy to gain entrance.  The correct password will get you in; otherwise, pass a [fun] clearance test with our Ms. M. to prove yourself a friendly agent and earn entry into the SafeHouse. Once you know it, NEVER reveal the password to anyone! - See Inside the Spy Bar Where You Need a Secret Password to Enter

Here’s the perfect place to get your martini shaken, not stirred. Safehouse Chicago, the second location to Milwaukee’s iconic 50-year-old bar and restaurant is dedicated to everything spy-related such as classics like James Bond and Get Smart. However, there is one unique catch: the entrance for the restaurant is slightly hidden, marked only by a small plaque next to a nondescript red door.

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Safehouse secret location

Operatives only

Unlock the intel by hovering over the map below to find the hidden location.

SafeHouse Testimonials


Super fun atmosphere and the food was delicious. I was pleasantly surprised and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I ordered the French dip Philly style on the bartenders recommendation - it was killer! Agent Neptune at the bar is very entertaining. Thanks for a wonderful experience.


We weren't sure what to expect with SafeHouse, but it ended up being great! We didn't know the password to enter, which ended up being fun because they make you do a task to enter. Our task was to do three different dances, all of which were on the video monitors for other patrons to watch from below (unbeknownst to us!).

Service was great, there was awesome spy ambiance and games to do while you wait, and the food and drinks were on point. We ordered the nachos, which were huge, and we had a couple rounds of dirty martinis (what else do spies drink?!). All in all, a fun experience.


This place is awesome. Very fun concept and a very cool experience. Food is awesome and the drinks were great. It is amazing how everyone keeps in character and don't forget the password.


This place was so fun. I just went for a new hire lunchj, and we all had a good time. There's so much fun stuff to see, including special recon missions that require you to explore the rest of the restaurant. I had the Blackbird fried chicken sandwich, and it was amazing. 


Awesome experience!!! If you are in Chicago, go check it out. Food is good, drinks are better, and overall atmosphere is the best! You'll have a fun time, and if you're alone it will also be entertaining.


Fun and friendly staff with awesome food and a great atmosphere. What more does one need? The cheese curds were the best ever. Don't be a fool. Get the curds


I'm a pretty tough critic and think almost everything is just "okay" or just isn't good. Well, I haven't even left the restaurant and I'm leaving a great review! Easily the best place I've ever eaten at! All the staff were amazing and they seasoned their burgers!!! I'm not super patriotic, but I love that they pay homage to the fallen soldiers. The spy theme is really cool! Dinner was fun, food was great and I will definitely be back!


Oh my god! What a fun place! Between the test to get in if you don't know the password, to the magician bartenders, this is a destination bar (with food!).


You are in for a surprise from finding the location to entering the dining area. Shushhh I can't tell you more...but the food is fantastic and the drinks on point.


This place was like an escape room themed restaurant! It was so cool. It was nice to be entertained while eating lunch. Also, the food was really good and the entire restaurant was themed too. I would definitely recommend this place for sure! We are definitely going back next time we are in Chicago.


This place is SO cool. What a unique idea and a great change from other bars/lounges. My friends and I had a blast, the service was fantastic, and the food was even better. The burger with the bacon jelly is TO DIE FOR! The cheese curds were also amazing. Fantastic service from Agent Neptune and his killer drinks. 


We were vacationing with the whole family and happened across this place on Yelp. Took a cab and decided to check it out. So glad we did. We all had a great time. I loved the little magic shows at the bar, the kids loved the scavenger hunt and secret agent name badges. Our waitress did a good job of playing along with the secret agent/spy theme and the food was very yummy. I would recommend it to others and would definitely go back again.


Freakin' awesome! I love themed places like this, especially the spy theme. There are so many artifacts and memorabilia in this place to geek out on. I really wish there were more themed bars such as this place around my area. If you're visiting Chicago, I recommend visiting this place if you can. Tip: it's a little hard to find. 


Just looked at the stars on Yelp, and went there with my wife and three children. Didn't read any of the reviews, because we were in a hurry to feed the savages. Walked past it the first time due to the very clever office sign outside the door. Walked into what appearaed to be a law office or some facsimile. Greeted by an attractive lady with an accent, and the story just gets better from there. Very serendipitious. Kids had a blast. The food was awesome. The drinks were awesome. Service was awesome. Great place for adults and children alike. Be sure you bring a $1 bill so you can leave when ready through the secret escape hatch. 


I would give you the password to this place but I don't know it. May be difficult to find, but don't give up! Or they will find you. Once you get through, you will encounter a friendly staff. The drinks are amazing! We had the poutine and it was decent. Drinks are bomb. What's even better is going through a mission. Press all the buttons you want. And don't be afraid to take pictures! This is a must place to visit.


This place is AMAZING. First of all the spy theme - can it get cooler than that?! From the moment you walk in you are completely transported into the SafeHouse spy world. The interior is incredibly detailed with cameras, fun spy gadgets, screens, etc. You really do get a sense that you've stepped into a control center. 

The drinks or "beverage briefing" were so cute as well and fit in perfectly with the theme of the restaurant. 

The food was your normal restaurant food and it was delicious but I definitely think this is a must be place if not for the environment and experience alone. 


Long has been the day since Chicago has seen a highly thematic and fully interactive restaurant that's a blast for adults and kids. SafeHouse is the new beginning from the dusty tumble weed of Ed Debevic's and Planet Hollywood. Finally!

I can thoroughly disclose a plethora of details about the multi-faceted decor but it's better left unsaid. I can advise to try to complete the mission given upon arrival and to explore every nook and cranny in the SafeHouse. Bathrooms are exceptionally entertaining and if you're lucky, find the full-time magician. He's spectacular. 

Having attended a Yelp event, we were served a burger, pulled pork, and chicken sliders. Loaded nachos, amazing cheese curds, ahi tuna salad with bites of ramen, and caesar salad. All delicious. Fun drinks included the Cold War, coffee-based with whipped cream, Spy's Demise - rum-based, Man with a Copper Cup - a Moscow Mule, and Agent Chi - a syringe full of cherry grenadine, to name a few. 

If you choose to take the secret alternate exit, well, let's just say I hope you have some flexibility! You'll leave wanting to bring your friends visiting from out of town and to celebrate a birthday. A really cool spot all around. 


We went to EscapeHouse on a Groupon and due to a scheduling mix-up, they gave us a $50 gift card to use here. 

It was so much fun getting into the place! I'll leave out details so you can enjoy it yourself :) 

Once inside though, Agent Sparrow took awesome care of us. We put in our order and then explored based on the list they gave us. They weren't clues and such like an escape room, it was more of find this cool part of the restaurant - now find this one. 

Once we got back to the table, Agent Sparrow gave us a table mission and we finished it in time so we got a coupon for the next time we go back :) 

Now for the food. I got the poutine fries and I was really looking forward to the fried egg on top but itwas over cooked so it wasn't the runny mess I was expecting. If ordering this, I'd ask the server to make sure that it's cooked to your preference, whatever that may be. 

Friends got the spy burger, wan lei salad, and the grilled cheese. They each liked their dish! 

Overall, the service is great, the concept is awesome, and the food is pretty good. That warrants 5 stars in my book :) 
Heena D. 


This is a really fun venue, definitely the best over-the-top themed restaurant I've been to. There's lots to explore, including how to get in and how to get out. To avoid spoilers, I'll just say that the entrance is indeed the door at 60 E ONtario, and let you discover the rest for yourselves. 

The food here is surprisingly good. We started with some pretzels, which I probably wouldn't order again, since they weren't cooked enough for my taste, but we liked everything else. 

The grilled cheese sandwich was nicely browned and very generously stuffed, the spy burger was good, the fries were thin and crispy, and the ahi tuna salad was a good lighter choice, particularly if you like pea pods, as it was full of them. 

Service was friendly, and the servers do a good job of staying in character without beingly over serious about it. 

Highly-recommended for families or a fun night out. It was pleasantly navigable on a rainy Sunday afternoon. That's important, because you're going to want to explore the whole place. On the other hand, there might be magic at the bar at night...
Steve A. 


Now 5 stars for the food. I wasn't expecting the food to be as good as it was. Nachos were excellent!
Tavi J.



Amazing spy themed bar that had come to Chicago! The one in Milwaukee was the prototype and now the brand has launched in downtown Chicago! From the moment you enter the door you are bombarded by a world of espionage! From a Daniel Craig temptation test to the Q Agent magician Spytenders, you are transported into a spy craft works perfect for all ages.
Scott Xavier



Went to the soft opening. Great spy themed establishments. Just had some drinks, the service was outstanding.
Kman 8900



Checked this place out becuase I love the Milwaukee location, and it is awesome! Staff was super friendly, food is upscale bar food and American and was better than Safe House Milwaukee. The concept works for kids and adults alike, and it's definately worth checking out!
Eric P.

Agent apparel available for purchase on location.
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